Global payroll: Organization health check

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We are clear on the number of service providers and local country vendors we need We can change, remove or easily onboard new payroll providers when we need to We operate with standardized payroll data and processes across locations – a single way of working across all countries We are replacing manual processes with fast and accurate automation technology

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Our process enables centralized management, full visibility and control

Our payroll process is integrated with HCM/Finance/Benefits systems- we have bi-directional data flows throughout our payroll ecosystem Our payroll is digitized: Dashboards, calendars, system alerts, digital tools.

We have access to global consolidated reporting and analytics

Digital audit trails exist for task tracking and compliance confirmation

We offer employees self-serve access to their personal and payroll data

Our model enables process scale up control and flexibility to support future business growth Local country requirements and pay elements are accommodated within a globally standardized framework Our payroll data is stored, managed and accessed in a secure cloud environment

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| Global Payroll: Organization Health Check

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