Global payroll: Organization health check

Progressive, forward-thinking companies pride themselves on being ahead of the curve and many are embracing the future of global payroll by moving to a technology platform. Those who do not move with the times will find themselves stuck with an inflexible payroll model featuring legacy processes that are not capable of adequately meeting existing demands and are not at all equipped to deliver in a post-pandemic environment. The time to act is now.

4. Your 2023 Global Payroll Checklist

2023 is likely to be a pivotal year in the global payroll industry as more and more multinational companies look to adopt a global payroll model that features technology innovation as part of an integrated platform that connects global payroll with HCM systems and local country payroll providers. This is the approach that is best equipped to deliver the level of operational oversight they need over all of their employee types in all of their payroll countries. In preparation, it is prudent to look at a checklist and ensure your global payroll department is fully prepared. We have created this checklist below to help you gauge the suitability of your current resources, technology and global payroll model. This checklist can be a useful guide when putting together a plan for the kind of people, technology and platforms you will need for execution excellence in the delivery of multi-country global payroll in 2023 and beyond.

| Global Payroll: Organization Health Check

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