Global payroll: Organization health check

3. 2023 Priorities: What you need

So, global organizations need to outline their payroll delivery and management priorities-these priorities will point to the global management strategy that best suits their multicountry payroll needs. Determine how many service models and how many local country payroll providers are needed to deliver payroll for all of your countries Create a global management framework that covers people, process and technology and enables you to manage your service providers and local country vendors

This is really about putting a process in place that enables you to manage the entire payroll process end to end via a central standardized management model. Global employers need to consider changing the global payroll model they currently use. Now is a good time to decide if the model in use is the correct fit for the remainder of this decade. Outsourcing payroll or choosing an aggregator services model are popular options among many employers- but these models lack the level of flexibility and innovative technology required to manage a complex multivendor payroll landscape that is subject to change. Evidence suggests that these traditional models are no longer best positioned to meet the employer needs or adapt to a new technology driven normal. These models lack standardization and automation, offer limited reporting, restrict employers to specific local payroll providers, fail to cover all payroll countries and do not result in centralized management for the level of visibility, control and payroll harmony needed by global payroll managers.

“Long -term success in the payroll services space will require a modern platform-based offering (tech and services), with a flexible delivery model that can meet the needs of the changing business environment.”

Liz Rennie HR Technology and Services Research Director

| Global Payroll: Organization Health Check

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