Global payroll: Organization health check

2. A new era for global payroll delivery & management

Global payroll delivery and management was complicated before the pandemic came along-now there are new variables to deal with while a lot of the pre-pandemic complexity still requires a solution. We are entering into a new era for global payroll operations as multinational companies around the world look to create a strategy that solves a range of different payroll related challenges while also enabling them to apply a global management framework around all of their payroll countries. Visibility and control are key factors for global payroll managers-what we are talking about here is an ability to see and control what is happening in each country and also manage them all on a global level. Let’s begin by reviewing some of the key challenges faced by multinational companies when delivering and managing multicountry global payroll. Lack of standardization with data and process-many payroll countries but different data and process for each of them-too hard to manage and not sustainable. Manual processes, time consuming data entry and an over reliance on excel spreadsheets and e-mail

Payroll errors, accuracy issues or local country provider performance issues

Inability to source, vet and quickly on-board new local country providers

Struggle to see and meet all compliance and regulatory obligations

Data security, information protection and cybersecurity concerns around payroll data

Managing countries in silos-no global framework in place

Limited, poor quality or insufficient global payroll reporting

Failed implementations-vendor technology or process could not be implemented or took years. Aggregator services model not living up to expectations-inability to cover all payroll countries

| Global Payroll: Organization Health Check

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