Global payroll: Organization health check

“With Payslip global reporting you can straight away look at any country and you see the data in the exact same format and the same layout. It's just much easier for everyone to review and analyze at that stage.”

David Nugent Senior Manager, International Payroll

Your employee base is empowered with self-serve access to their personal and payroll information on the device of their choosing. This employee experience will be the same across all of your payroll countries. This is one platform for everything: all countries and workforce types, vendors and service providers-this way all of the data from all of these sources is consolidated in a single location where it can be extracted for reporting purposes. The platform offers you full choice and control over local country vendors-and allows you to swap out and change them whenever you need to. Above all, the platform ensures you have a global framework across your multi country payroll operations. This framework operates on a global level but is flexible enough to accommodate local country nuance. Operational processes within this framework are scalable and can be duplicated quickly for any new country/local provider setup.

| Global Payroll: Organization Health Check

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