Global payroll: Organization health check

“Payslip positions your team for success and allows you to onboard hundreds of people when you need them very quickly and efficiently, in the same way for each country. The uniformed approach empowered our payroll teams to keep pace with our business.​

Travis Saville​​ HR Systems Lead​​

Now is the time to move to our global payroll control platform which is fully integrated to ensure that all data inputs from your HCM system, finance software and payroll providers flow in an automated and standardized format into a single, manageable platform. Our platform is deployed in a cloud environment where confidential payroll data is stored, managed and shared in line with information and data security best practices. The platform automates all workflows so that multi country payroll input, checking and validation operates on a fully automated basis. There are digital workflow calendars and system alerts across all your global countries for a clear line of sight on all tasks as well as significant compliance dates in each country. Your reporting will be global, consolidated and accessible by all authorized team members in a self-serve capacity. We recommend regular scheduling of country cost comparison reports for useful analytics and trending information.

| Global Payroll: Organization Health Check

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