Global payroll: Organization health check

5. Meet all challenges with Payslip

Payslip is a global payroll control platform helping multinational companies around the world achieve global payroll harmony and digital transformation. Payslip technology integrates with HCM & Accounting/ERP systems: automating payroll processes, standardizing payroll data and consolidating payroll reporting. Our platform helps companies to centrally manage their global payroll operations and achieve full visibility& control over people, processes and vendors across all their payroll countries. Our approach with global clients is to immediately standardize data and practices across all of the international payroll countries so that they can implement a global framework of standardized payroll practices and a single way of working across countries. We work fast and our clients are pleased to discover that as soon as a standardization framework is established in one individual payroll country, then a similar process can be rolled out to the other countries in a matter of days. Payslip is perfectly positioned to help multinational companies bring all of their data, people, processes, service providers and vendors into a single location (our global payroll control platform) for full operational oversight and management at a global level. Everything is tracked within the platform, so global companies have full visibility over the operational flow in a standardized way. This is managing whatever hybrid model that works best via a technology platform.

| Global Payroll: Organization Health Check

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