Global payroll: Organization health check

Technology, Process and People

If you can develop a single platform approach with your technology, this is the foundation for innovation and flexibility when it comes to process. Both global payroll professionals and your network of local payroll providers can leverage technology to establish a single way of working across your countries under a centralized global management framework that lets you see and control what is happening. Purpose built payroll management technology coupled with standardized data and practices can result in the one thing that is really needed in 2023 – complete visibility. You want the technology to do the heavy lifting and scale the process instead of the man hours. This helps to create valuable additional time in the monthly payroll cycle for busy payroll professionals to focus on priorities Global payroll transformation has become a critical priority as many are now seeking to futureproof payroll operations by consolidating payroll to a single global platform and vendor governance model. Next Generation Payroll Services, NelsonHall HR Services

| Global Payroll: Organization Health Check

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