Payslip Product Sheet - Data Security, Privacy & Compliance

2022 Payslip Data Security, Privacy & Compliance

Data Privacy

Data isolation As a multi-tenant SaaS platform, Payslip has a responsibility to ensure no tenant can ever access data belonging to another tenant. To isolate tenant data, every tenant on Payslip is on a completely separate schema. All tenant data is encrypted using a dedicated customer-specific key.

Data privacy is the proper handling, processing, storage and usage of personal identifiable information (PII). Payslip is committed to the absolute protection and privacy of PII data. Data Retention Payslip will retain the Client data as per the terms agreed in the MSA. The data retention solely depends on the legal requirements of the relevant countries and Payslip takes the instructions on the Client and Client ICP’s as their In-country experts. Client data is not being stored outside of Payslip platform. All files transferred via secure SFTP channel have been immediately deleted.

GDPR Our ISO certification includes full GDPR compliance.

Payslip and Data Protection

We have designed Payslip from the start to be a Global Payroll control platform, so we are very cognizant that you will be hosting your employee or data subjects PII data on our platform.

We have designed with:

❖ the best industry standards for information security and data protection

❖ built in controls and within the platform and around the platform to secure your data

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