Payslip Product Sheet - Data Security, Privacy & Compliance

2022 Payslip Data Security, Privacy & Compliance

Advanced Data Control As a global payroll platform, Payslip is designed to be audit-ready, providing a comprehensive set of reports on activity. It’s easy to manage data residency, access, and policy enforcement, with auditable logs and provenance. Activity monitoring and testing Payslip uses a dedicated Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service to identify potential security threats before they can take effect. For example, unusual login patterns. The SIEM system is always running. We perform bi- weekly vulnerability scans and annual penetration tests. We use a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tool, which issues alerts to help us protect PII data. Availability The Payslip platform is highly available. Our Business Continuity policy and plan ensures minimal disruption to your business in the event of a disaster. The Payslip platform is made subject to regular recovery testing. Payslip data is backed up continuously. The backups are archived in a secure vault and cannot be edited in any way. Payslip’s RPO is zero data loss. Our tests have proved that our data center including database can be recovered and become available in minutes.

Network traffic to and from the Payslip platform across public internet is protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS). TLS defends against data

tampering and eavesdropping. Workflow-Aware Architecture

Payslip helps our partners manage and protect personal data without sacrificing usability. You can safely use, share, and analyze data within the platform without ever compromising privacy. Data is communicated only via a secure SFTP channel, and once it leaves this channel, it’s stored immediately on secure AWS S3 buckets or in Payslip’s secure document repository. Zero Touch Payslip’s Zero Touch approach protects data on our platform. Manual intervention by users is replaced by automation and integrations that perform ingestion and validation of data. The platform includes a set of robust APIs that enable processing of all update and deletion requests without any manual intervention. HCM system integrations and bulk update of data via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) reduce manual intervention by enabling bulk update of employee data, creation of new employees, update of leavers, and processing of payroll updates.

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