Global payroll system integrations

4. Manage Risk and Compliance

Data protection and compliance are major priorities at all organizations today as data breaches and compliance failures can result in significant penalties along with severe reputational damage. Technology integrations can help create tighter compliance controls and greater data security. An integration which enables automation will de-risk the payroll data process by limiting or eliminating the likelihood of human error.

Cloud deployed integrations also allow for strict authorizations around who can access, view or change sensitive global payroll data. There is also greater transparency and visibility around data flows between departments- you can see where the data went, who accessed it, changed it and why- all of this can be fully documented in a clear, digital audit trail for compliance reporting and GDPR validation. Sensitive employee payroll and personal data is far more secure when housed in a cloud deployed integrated platform. Data flows can be encrypted and there is scope for much tighter protocols around data security and compliance. It means an end to non-secure email and spreadsheet sharing. Integration platform tools such as alerts, notifications and digitized calendars with key compliance dates help global payroll professionals better meet important compliance deadlines (which will always vary across countries and regions).

| Global Payroll System Integrations

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