Global payroll system integrations

3. Innovative Reporting

Requests for global consolidated payroll reporting are on the rise as key business leaders are keen to better understand business costs and analyze data to support business decisions. Non-standard data and disparate systems mean that such reporting needs to be pulled from several different systems. Global payroll systems integrations enable the seamless flow of data between payroll, HR and finance in a standardized way which facilitates real time consolidated multi country reporting for bigger picture insights. Platform integrations can be used to introduce data & reporting capabilities and apply them across all countries. Integrations allow you to map data sets from HR, payroll, and local country payroll vendors- this allows payroll data to be ingested and consolidated in a single location from which reporting & analytics software can facilitate more detailed and comprehensive reporting. You can then create and pull a range of different reports, in real-time for detailed analysis.

Innovative reporting tools available via platform integrations can enable multiple different stakeholders to create, schedule and customize the reporting they need on a self-serve basis. This kind of reporting is crucial for country comparison reporting, accessing total labor cost figures and highlighting key trends & important payroll statistics. Without platform integrations, it can take a long time to generate detailed and insightful reporting, the accuracy may be questionable as you may not be able to see the source data, and the filtering options are likely to be limited and restrictive. This is no longer acceptable when business leaders need to make decisions in a post-covid world using up to the minute data and actionable business intelligence.

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