Global payroll system integrations

2. Centralise and Consolidate

Companies who choose to integrate with a technology platform that is built specifically for global payroll management can benefit from a range of integration features. Such a platform enables global employers to centrally manage global payroll with visibility and control. It also enables them to consolidate all their crucial payroll data in a single location. This way, they can gather and consolidate all data in the payroll ecosystem, from HCM inputs to local country payroll provider dataflows, onto a single platform and standardize it across all their payroll countries. Everything about payroll processing becomes easier when data is consolidated and standardized as this paves the way for common procedures and processes across countries as well as the introduction of time-saving automated data inputs.

Integrations help employers solve payroll data challenges while helping them manage their multi-system payroll network from a single platform. They benefit from greater visibility and control over all their payroll countries. Technology integrations allow employers to develop a global framework for global payroll with centralized management while also ensuring the process is flexible enough to account for local country expertise. Also, the standardization benefits of integrations help employers to install a repeatable and scalable global payroll process which can grow as the business scales and enters new countries. Standardization solves the common data inputs problem and makes the data payroll ready.

| Global Payroll System Integrations

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