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5. Payslip and Automation

Payslip’s zero-touch approach is achieved via structured and automated data flows across our global payroll control platform, the client’s HCM or HR system as well as any in-country provider (ICP) data feeds. The goal is always to eliminate repeatable manual data handling and automate any recurring and predictable data flows. Our team works with your internal team to agree and formalize a roadmap that will introduce the process of automation via a phased implementation of your multi-country payrolls. We look to bring in end-to-end fully automated workflows where possible which automate the preparation, sending, reviewing and approval of GTN pay-run calculations. Payroll, HCM inputs and payroll partner calculations are automated as bulk data uploads allowing numerous manual tasks to be replaced. Payslip leverages RPA and AI to automate data flow integration and validation at the pre and post payroll stages. Before payroll, Payslip RPA automatically sends HCM data into our platform to confirm data integrity and trigger client alerts. During payroll, it automates the validation and analysis of in-country GTN reports, reducing manual interventions and identifying risks for the global payroll users. Automated alerts are sent to action owners when deadlines are approaching. In- system approvals can be performed by authorised users.

Step A

Step B

Step C

Step E

Step D

Approve and Send for Calculations • In-system automated Approvals • Automated Audit Trails • Automated alerts internally • Automated secure

Prepare Updates • Automated multiple source payroll inputs collated centrally &


Preview Payroll Calculations • Payroll Provider uploads GTN Run1. • Payslip Zero Touch Validations • Automated Data ingestion.

Final Review and Authorization • Final Reports & GTNs absorbed in Payslip Platform. • Automated final validations & authorizations.

• Payslip Integrator receives, splits & validates employee payslip identification and allocation. • Payslips are issued to Employee Self Service.

standardized into GlobalFirst Data Model .

• Automated calendar & work management.

data transfer to payroll provider

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