Simplify global payroll with automation

4. Introducing Automation

Introducing automation is really about achieving long-term efficiency and consistency with global payroll operations. It can be useful to treat it like a project as part of a journey towards digital transformation and you can view it as building crucial internal capabilities that help you win the battle against global payroll high volume data and complexity. It is best to partner with a payroll technology company who have proven, in depth experience with global payroll and digital platform technology. It is also advisable to have stakeholder buy-in from the start as automation is something that needs to sync with an organization's overall strategic direction.

Start by building a business case and prove to all stakeholders the merits, benefits and business value that automation will bring to the global payroll delivery process. Reach out to a payroll technology partner for validation points around RPA and use case scenarios that prove how the successful implementation of automation has had a major positive impact on global payroll. Create a picture of what implementation, testing and deployment might look like- include information around potential productivity and ROI gains along with some detailed cost analysis. Once approved, you begin working with the technology partner on a framework document, review the suitability of your current payroll technology architecture and look to move quickly to testing a pilot program. Evaluate the pilot performance with as much statistical data as you can and loop-in key stakeholders for feedback and analysis. After this, you can look to accelerate activity and work towards a go- live date while focusing on training and upskilling global payroll professionals to operate with this new automation technology. Once live, you can then focus on establishing a set of best practice principles around the automation processes.

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