Simplify global payroll with automation

Automation can help with the entry, validation and comparison of global payroll data across multiple countries, creating a more streamlined and cohesive experience for global payroll professionals who benefit from the knowledge that workflow processes are automated in multiple locations. This helps manage expectation around processing times for payroll delivery. Streamlined processes Errors need to be fixed or investigated and this takes time and costs money. Automated processes reduce errors and the need for investigations. They can also significantly reduce entry and processing costs. Automated production of multi-currency and multi-country General Ledger and Bank File reporting saves considerable finance time and direct fees to local payroll providers. Time and expense

A common complaint among global payroll professionals managing multi country payroll is the lack of time to get everything done. Anything that gives them back their time adds value to the process and improves the delivery. Human error needs to be investigated and resolved, this only adds pressure to the process of global payroll and imposes limits on time needed for other things. The real value of robotic process automation and zero touch payroll is that it serves to create more time inside the payroll cycle. This valuable time can be used by professionals to take a closer look at specific data, approve things quicker and perform the kind of detailed analysis that makes global payroll more accurate and controlled.

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