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3. How Automation Improves Global Payroll

With RPA in place, automating all data entry, validation and repeat workflow processes creates a ‘zero -touch workflow’ where more time is freed up within the monthly payroll cycle for payroll professionals to focus on report analysis and identification of key trends or anomalies. Other key benefits include: With RPA, errors can be spotted immediately by the automated software and flagged for correction. Variances will be highlighted in real-time which can be modified or approved by professionals. Human errors arising from mistyped data entries are removed from the process. Automated validations reduce errors and exception investigation requirement, especially post payroll as they are caught earlier before payroll is authorised, payments are paid or General Ledger reports are produced. Accuracy With RPA software, you can build in diverse or one-off pay run elements like bonuses or healthcare deductions into the system so pay-runs automatically include them periodically. The system is then intelligent enough to include them in any variance analysis reports, again reducing the need for manual confirmations. Efficiency Automation immediately de-risks a process by removing the likelihood of human error and reducing any reliance on error prone material like excel spreadsheets. Information protection is increased with less human touchpoints. This subsequently improves compliance as anything that improves accuracy while reducing the risk of error strengthens the ability to meet compliance obligations. Compliance

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