Simplify global payroll with automation

1. The Need For Automation

The Pain

Payroll professionals at multinational employers around the world are all too familiar with the below pain points associated with processing international payroll:

Time consuming data entry Manual input, checking and validation Frantic searches for old emails Complex excel spreadsheet analysis Double-checking local provider or payroll engine inputs

Manual, time-consuming, awkward, error-prone and dated are the words many payroll professionals use to describe a lot of the daily tasks they perform. They also observe with a little envy, some of the innovative digital technology in operation at other business critical functions and wonder when a similar digital transformation is going to happen in global payroll, when it is obvious that the technology exists to make this happen. It is also no longer acceptable to have valuable expertise investing time in data compilation, entering and organizing. Automated validations, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and zero-touch global payroll are clearly needed. Faster, Better, Easier. Payroll professionals are looking to move away from time-consuming manual entry and towards a faster, better and easier way to deliver and manage global payroll. Introducing automated processes to replace manual inputs and data entry inputs will go a long way to making this happen. Automation can significantly reduce the likelihood of human error, as machine learning processes take over to calculate and process manual or recurring tasks. Automation also introduces speed and efficiency to the process as intelligent machine learning can process these manual tasks much quicker than a person. Comparing data points and checking entries can take an employee several hours or even days, automation technology can process high volume data in seconds via bulk file uploads while running analysis at the same time.

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