Simplify global payroll with automation

Payslip can help you automate the data collection processes by integrating with your HCM and connecting this data to whatever payroll approval procedures you have in place. The platform also standardizes the data received from any external payroll providers to enable same-format automated validations and comparisons. It is the same for any data going the other way- Payslip standardizes and automates the data flows out to the local provider system so they receive ready to use data without any need for file formatting or re-entering data. In-country payroll providers connect to the Payslip portal to provide direct processing data feeds and the platform automatically ingests and validate provider’s gross-to-net calculations and tax calculations. Payslip’s global payroll control platform can help you move from a manual process to a scalable payroll with common workflow steps, automated actions and standardized data flows across all your payroll countries. This reduces processing times and allows your global payroll professionals to focus their time on priority issues instead of constantly working with data. “On the Payslip platform, automated feeds mean I no longer have to spend hours validating hundreds of bonus and one-time payment inputs. This can now be done in seconds, so I have much more time for review and analysis”

TaynanDe Jesus Nunes, Payroll Analyst

Automation can help you enter and validate global payroll data across multiple countries at the same time, using the same format. The process of introducing automation with Payslip can begin faster than you might think, and our experienced team are here to help you get started. For more information, talk to us today.

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