Remote global payroll delivery

4. Remote payroll delivery technology

A payroll technology partner can help you integrate with a platform that features a range of innovative tools designed for the flexible, remote delivery of global payroll. You will be able to connect your existing global payroll software systems and processes with these tools and operate in a faster, better way. Some of the digital tools and technology processes out there to assist include: Automation software: Machine learning software or robotic processes to automatically enter and validate data or apply automation to any repeat process workflows. Standardization software: Applying standardized formatting to data feeds that are coming in from multiple country vendors or internal systems in various different formats. Integration Software: To absorb GTN files and other data directly from your payroll vendor or HCM system. End-to-end integrated data flows for payroll inputs. Digital Calendars: Digitize your calendars for immediate visibility, receive alerts and real-time notifications for important payrun deadlines for greater oversight and control. File Sharing: Cloud enabled payroll data document storage and sharing among pre-authorized individuals, accessed 24/7 in any location on any device.

Secure Data Transfers: Encrypted cloud data transfers with industry standard information security and data protection built in.

Reporting Tools: Schedule, customize and run multi-country consolidated reporting at the touch of a button.

Employee Self Service: Empower your workforce by giving them 24/7 access to their personal data and payslips on their preferred device.

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