Remote global payroll delivery

3. Payroll and the cloud

Moving to a cloud-based environment has become a priority for global payroll- there have been several instances during COVID-19 where one person being unavailable has had a major negative impact on the ability of a wider team to deliver global payroll. This is neither good practice nor sustainable on a long-term basis. Working in a cloud platform allows teams to implement a more flexible process, a process of shared responsibility where platform technology and digital tools support the global payroll team effort and there is a shift away from a process relying on an individual. In the cloud, tasks can be assigned and executed by more than one person and data that was previously stored in computers or spreadsheets can be accessed remotely by authorized team members. A cloud platform lets you structure your data & document storage according to country, entity & payroll while facilitating remote access to these files for team members across multiple countries.

Many automation tools integrate easily into the cloud so you can introduce automation to the process, saving time and eliminating human error. Automated data collection, transfer, input and validation also helps to ensure compliance while bringing together key business data from multiple data sources (such as a HCM) onto a single platform for clear visibility and control. the cloud environment makes it easier to perform tasks or access data in a faster, more efficient way. Everything about

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