Remote global payroll delivery

2. Change now to avoid problems

There is a strong need for a global payroll control platform that ensures payroll can be delivered remotely in a secure, accurate and risk-free manner. Not every global payroll team is currently equipped with the kind of technology and internal processes that can facilitate this delivery of remote global payroll. Fit for purpose technology should be an immediate priority for global payroll managers at multinational companies. Payroll processes and technology need to change if they are to become a sustainable means of enabling payroll to be processed during times of disruption or crisis.

If companies have undergone a strong digital transformation in recent years to upgrade their technology and processes, then physical location is much less of an issue when it comes to the delivery of even the most essential services. Global payroll can adapt and even thrive in such companies, but the unfortunate reality is that the payroll department is one of the last business functions to become digitized and therefore many payroll professionals find themselves working with legacy technology and non-standard processes. This kind of situation does not lend itself to a long term and sustainable remote delivery of global payroll. A culture shift is also needed, remote delivery being the new normal needs to be accepted first and then embraced. The global pandemic has not gone away, the effects on international business will be felt for quite some time. There is little to be gained from reflecting on how it was done in the past and now may be a good time to consider how remote delivery could fuel a series of innovations and new thinking around global payroll and how it can be improved. Embracing remote tools and switching focus over to integrated digital platforms and next generation technology will help you consider challenges in a new light and identify potential solutions. There are many success stories about multinationals who have digitized and transformed their global payroll function. There is a lot to be positive about, automation & integration technology exists. The future has simply arrived a little sooner than expected. It’s all about acting decisively and embracing digital platforms.

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