Remote global payroll delivery

1. The post-Covid-19 payroll environment

A New Normal

COVID-19 resulted in a sudden and dramatic shift away from the office and into a remote delivery environment. Global payroll has been deemed a business-critical service during the pandemic as multinationals everywhere were forced to adjust to a new working normal with a focus on remote delivery of services. Payroll professionals were called upon to ensure the effective continuation of global payroll calculations and payments while working from home or an offsite location. While this presented a series of unanticipated challenges, it also established a precedent for remote global payroll delivery. This precedent has now developed into a set of best practices which has become a reference point for global payroll delivery in a remote environment in 2022 and beyond. What began as a disruptive trend to business as usual, has now developed into an essential process for global payroll delivery. Businesses everywhere must adapt or risk global payroll failure. Risk assessments must be carried out and payroll continuity procedures must be formulated, documented and rigorously tested to ensure global payroll teams have a reliable and effective process to follow.

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