Remote global payroll delivery

Remote global payroll delivery

The Coronavirus global pandemic dramatically altered the manner in which essential business services were del ivered at multinationals around the world. Global payroll continuity measures now dictate that remote del ivery capabi l ities need to be in place to ensure the del ivery of essential business services l ike multi -country global payroll .

| Remote Global Payroll Delivery

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Change now to avoid problems

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Payroll and The Cloud


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Remote payroll delivery technology

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Payslip and Remote Global Payroll

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| Remote Global Payroll Delivery


1. The post-Covid-19 payroll environment

A New Normal

COVID-19 resulted in a sudden and dramatic shift away from the office and into a remote delivery environment. Global payroll has been deemed a business-critical service during the pandemic as multinationals everywhere were forced to adjust to a new working normal with a focus on remote delivery of services. Payroll professionals were called upon to ensure the effective continuation of global payroll calculations and payments while working from home or an offsite location. While this presented a series of unanticipated challenges, it also established a precedent for remote global payroll delivery. This precedent has now developed into a set of best practices which has become a reference point for global payroll delivery in a remote environment in 2022 and beyond. What began as a disruptive trend to business as usual, has now developed into an essential process for global payroll delivery. Businesses everywhere must adapt or risk global payroll failure. Risk assessments must be carried out and payroll continuity procedures must be formulated, documented and rigorously tested to ensure global payroll teams have a reliable and effective process to follow.

| Remote Global Payroll Delivery


Key Challenges

Remote global payroll delivery may be in place right now but that does not mean that it is easy, nor does it mean that global payroll departments today are equipped with the processes and technology needed to deliver it. Here are some key challenges that require solutions for effective remote delivery:

Insufficient payroll cost analysis reporting

No ability to switch tasks between team members in different countries

Local country vendor payroll failure

Lack of standardized processes and data

Non-secure remote data transfer and

No cloud platform/environment in place

across multiple payroll countries

file sharing processes

Over reliance on manual input and

Employee absence, lack of cover

Limited remote access to key payroll data, employee information and payroll procedures

manual data validation -no automation

For effective remote delivery of global payroll to be adopted and implemented across several countries, it is clear that there needs to be a shift away from manual, non-standardized processes towards integrated platforms which leverage automation and standardized data in a secure, cloud-based environment.

| Remote Global Payroll Delivery


2. Change now to avoid problems

There is a strong need for a global payroll control platform that ensures payroll can be delivered remotely in a secure, accurate and risk-free manner. Not every global payroll team is currently equipped with the kind of technology and internal processes that can facilitate this delivery of remote global payroll. Fit for purpose technology should be an immediate priority for global payroll managers at multinational companies. Payroll processes and technology need to change if they are to become a sustainable means of enabling payroll to be processed during times of disruption or crisis.

If companies have undergone a strong digital transformation in recent years to upgrade their technology and processes, then physical location is much less of an issue when it comes to the delivery of even the most essential services. Global payroll can adapt and even thrive in such companies, but the unfortunate reality is that the payroll department is one of the last business functions to become digitized and therefore many payroll professionals find themselves working with legacy technology and non-standard processes. This kind of situation does not lend itself to a long term and sustainable remote delivery of global payroll. A culture shift is also needed, remote delivery being the new normal needs to be accepted first and then embraced. The global pandemic has not gone away, the effects on international business will be felt for quite some time. There is little to be gained from reflecting on how it was done in the past and now may be a good time to consider how remote delivery could fuel a series of innovations and new thinking around global payroll and how it can be improved. Embracing remote tools and switching focus over to integrated digital platforms and next generation technology will help you consider challenges in a new light and identify potential solutions. There are many success stories about multinationals who have digitized and transformed their global payroll function. There is a lot to be positive about, automation & integration technology exists. The future has simply arrived a little sooner than expected. It’s all about acting decisively and embracing digital platforms.

| Remote Global Payroll Delivery


3. Payroll and the cloud

Moving to a cloud-based environment has become a priority for global payroll- there have been several instances during COVID-19 where one person being unavailable has had a major negative impact on the ability of a wider team to deliver global payroll. This is neither good practice nor sustainable on a long-term basis. Working in a cloud platform allows teams to implement a more flexible process, a process of shared responsibility where platform technology and digital tools support the global payroll team effort and there is a shift away from a process relying on an individual. In the cloud, tasks can be assigned and executed by more than one person and data that was previously stored in computers or spreadsheets can be accessed remotely by authorized team members. A cloud platform lets you structure your data & document storage according to country, entity & payroll while facilitating remote access to these files for team members across multiple countries.

Many automation tools integrate easily into the cloud so you can introduce automation to the process, saving time and eliminating human error. Automated data collection, transfer, input and validation also helps to ensure compliance while bringing together key business data from multiple data sources (such as a HCM) onto a single platform for clear visibility and control. the cloud environment makes it easier to perform tasks or access data in a faster, more efficient way. Everything about

| Remote Global Payroll Delivery


4. Remote payroll delivery technology

A payroll technology partner can help you integrate with a platform that features a range of innovative tools designed for the flexible, remote delivery of global payroll. You will be able to connect your existing global payroll software systems and processes with these tools and operate in a faster, better way. Some of the digital tools and technology processes out there to assist include: Automation software: Machine learning software or robotic processes to automatically enter and validate data or apply automation to any repeat process workflows. Standardization software: Applying standardized formatting to data feeds that are coming in from multiple country vendors or internal systems in various different formats. Integration Software: To absorb GTN files and other data directly from your payroll vendor or HCM system. End-to-end integrated data flows for payroll inputs. Digital Calendars: Digitize your calendars for immediate visibility, receive alerts and real-time notifications for important payrun deadlines for greater oversight and control. File Sharing: Cloud enabled payroll data document storage and sharing among pre-authorized individuals, accessed 24/7 in any location on any device.

Secure Data Transfers: Encrypted cloud data transfers with industry standard information security and data protection built in.

Reporting Tools: Schedule, customize and run multi-country consolidated reporting at the touch of a button.

Employee Self Service: Empower your workforce by giving them 24/7 access to their personal data and payslips on their preferred device.

| Remote Global Payroll Delivery



Payslip harmonizes global payroll operations to fuel growth efficiency for today’s global business leaders. Our global payroll control platform provides automation & integration technology that delivers standardized global payroll management to multinational employers.

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| Remote Global Payroll Delivery


5. Payslip and remote global payroll

As a fully cloud-deployed payroll control platform, Payslip is ideal for the remote delivery of critical global payroll services. The technology is flexible and innovative, featuring a range of tools to help global payroll professionals deliver services in a remote environment. The automation and integration technology introduces automation to remove manual repeat tasks and reduce risk. It also integrates with local country providers as well as HCM systems like Workday to facilitate fast and efficient processing of global payroll. It standardizes the global payroll process and data, providing central visibility, control & consolidated reporting. All payrun data and payroll procedure documents can be accessed remotely in the cloud via easy file sharing tools- allowing global payroll professionals to securely request, exchange and manage sensitive company data across geo-dispersed teams.

| Remote Global Payroll Delivery


“Using Payslip, we can manage all our payrolls across nine in-country vendors on one platform. When the global Covid-19 pandemic arose, it was not an issue from a payroll perspective, and critically getting everyone paid. The Payslip platform enabled continuity for our international payroll service including the fast

and seamless implementation of the Payslip Employment Self Service during this time.”

Colin Smith, Payroll Manager

Tasks can be allocated and switched instantly between individuals located in different countries and the user-friendly dashboard has automated notifications for actions assigned to payroll team members and local vendors. There is a digitized calendar, notes & system alerts to help you track actions and monitor changes. Should you need to urgently on-board a new in-country provider (ICP), you can tap into our network of 100+ local country vendors, many of whom are already integrated with our platform. Our global consolidated reporting allows you to run real-time reports for immediate country cost comparison analysis and our wide range of reporting functionality helps you to monitor the progress and consistency of your remote global payroll. The Payslip global payroll control platform offers instant visibility and control over continuity actions, workflows, local and regional processes- ensuring your multicountry process is ready & capable of delivering payroll during times of unexpected interruption or emergency. You can implement Payslip’s remote delivery technology faster than you might think, and our experienced team are here to help you get started. For more information, talk to us today.

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