Global payroll consolidated reporting

4. Delivering better reporting

Business leaders want access to detailed and comprehensive reporting that provides instant answers to their questions and lets them compare costs across countries. Legacy global payroll systems struggle to provide information relating to workforce management, meaning there is a real lack of visibility around what is happening with global payroll in terms of costs, headcounts, trends and pay element changes.

Effective global consolidated reporting should be able to answer the following:

How many employees do we have under management? Spilt by location

How much does it cost to pay them? Spilt by individual country/region or pay period

How many new people joined and how many have left in the last month/quarter or year?

Why did global payroll cost the company less/more in the previous quarter?

What is the total difference in global payroll spend between UK and the USA?

How do I know I have met compliance obligations in Germany?

What contracts are due to expire at the end of this quarter/year.

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