Global payroll consolidated reporting

Consolidated Reporting

First you need the data to be standardized and categorized in the same way across countries and then you need innovative technology designed to deliver consolidated reporting in real-time. Such reporting tools can be found on a global payroll control platform designed to standardize and automate payroll in a way that paves the way for consolidated reporting. Reports can be scheduled and customized, allowing you to filter information by country, employee, cost or other pay elements such as bonuses, tax and pension. Reports can compare labor costs across countries, reveal the true cost of employing an individual and offer a single currency view. This creates genuine business insight that is actionable. This level of reporting helps introduce crucial oversight and visibility around cost. Without it, accessing a single report to highlight how much payroll is costing a company in a particular country or region may not be possible as non -standard data being exchanged between multiple disparate systems makes reporting very difficult.

| Global Payroll Consolidated Reporting


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