Global payroll consolidated reporting

2. Visibility and control

Standard reporting usually involves running a system generated report so that an in-country payroll manager can get some insight and analysis around the cost of paying employees along with examining other metrics like KPIs and SLAs. This is a straightforward way to get some high-level visibility and control and it can work fine if you have one country on your books and a relatively straightforward payroll process. The reality of the modern, digital economy we live in is that of a global workforce spread across different nations, time zones, cultures and currencies. This brings with it a number of variables that complicate matters- these include local legislation and regulation, tax nuances, different public holidays and annual leave allocations along with detailed and specific pay elements that will inevitably vary with each country. The vast majority of payroll operation technology systems were simply not designed to account for this level of detail and complexity. So, how do you get visibility and control over your global payroll when all this is happening?

| Global Payroll Consolidated Reporting


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