Global payroll consolidated reporting

1. The need for consolidated reporting

New Demands

Multinational companies around the world are scaling into new regions at a faster rate than ever before. This creates an urgent need to set up payroll operations quickly to facilitate the hiring of new staff and quickly become operational in a new territory. When this happens across several countries, workforces expand at a very fast rate and payroll teams suddenly find themselves with several payroll countries to manage at the same time. New countries, new employees, new data and new payments means a lot of moving parts in play. Detailed, comprehensive and consolidated global reporting is needed to create a clear view of what is happening both at a country and regional level. These reports need to contain payroll cost information, trends and country comparisons so both global payroll managers and business leaders are in possession of actionable business intelligence.

Informed Decisions

Global payroll data can reveal a lot about the financial health of an organization and data stored within the global payroll function is now considered critical information when it comes to strategic decision-making. This data can be particularly useful when it comes to evaluating the overall costs of employing a workforce if a multinational is considering expanding into a new country or region. A key challenge facing many multinationals today is how best to extract, collate, deliver and present this data in a way that it can be understood and lead to actionable business decisions by leadership teams. They require readily available real-time data insights to help them understand payroll performance in context and also drive long-term strategy. There is a need for bigger picture insights that tells the story behind the data. Standard reporting is no longer sufficient. Consolidated global reporting delivered in real-time from a cloud-based global payroll control platform is the solution that is needed here, and it can also serve to highlight where processes can be improved, and costs can be saved.

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