Global payroll consolidated reporting

This reporting functionality enables multi-national employers to transform their global payroll operations so that they can see, manage and control their entire workforce and payroll data on a single platform. The platform can deliver the kind of cost analysis reporting needed to support strategic decision making while also allowing leadership teams to get immediate, high-level visibility over all end to end global payroll operations. With the Global Reporter, employers are finally able to harness payroll data for actionable insights and fully informed, real-time decision making.

“With Payslip global reporting you can straight away look at any country and you see the data in the exact same format and the same layout. It's just much easier for everyone to review and analyze at that stage.”

Senior Manager, International Payroll

You can implement Payslip’s Global Reporter faster than you might think, and our experienced team are here to help you get started. For more information, talk to us today.

| Global Payroll Consolidated Reporting


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