Global payroll consolidated reporting

The Global Reporter helps you achieve visibility and control over your multi country payrolls. You can filter by country, region, employee or pay element for greater visibility and the reports are run in real-time. Get macro to micro analysis on the details that matter.

Global Workforce Headcount Displays all the employees active or inactive on the system and their locations. Can be filtered to show Joiners and Leavers within specified periods. Payrun Variance Compare two or more pay periods within one company/payroll and display results in categories such as employee taxes/deductions or employer contributions- helping you monitor costs and detect differences. Total Employer Cost Consolidated total employer costs across all countries and payrolls for cost center, department or business unit. Global Workflow Audit Shows company and payroll provider’s performance measured against agreed workflow deadlines consolidated across all countries and payrolls.

| Global Payroll Consolidated Reporting


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