Transform global payroll with standardization

5. Standardize Global Payroll With Payslip

Payslip build intelligent standardization and integration technology to help multi- national employers gain full visibility and control over their global payroll process. Our cloud-based platform operates with a ‘global first’ approach that houses and standardizes the process, management, reporting and data to give full independent control of global payroll to our global employer clients. When you integrate with the Payslip global payroll control platform, our implementations team works with your internal team to agree and formalize a roadmap that will introduce the process of standardization and formatting of your country payroll data. The Payslip team will gather requirements, develop data mapping & categorizing processes, and perform design & integration testing to integrate and onboard you onto our platform. We will introduce automation and integrated data flows and work through a phased implementation of your multi-country payrolls. The goal is to link disparate payroll, HR inputs and local vendor data in order to standardize and consolidate your data onto a single platform. This enables payroll professionals to view workflows in common, standardized formats making it much easier to see what is happening across countries. We bring all of the unique pay elements into the platform and we standardize the data at a global level so that the employers can read the story behind the payroll data.

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