Transform global payroll with standardization

4. Introducing Standardization

A technology solution is required, and it often forms part of a wider project around the digital transformation of the HR and global payroll function. Companies can work with a technology partner who will introduce standardization to their multi- country payroll process. This can be a system driven approach that standardizes their payroll for improvements now while also laying the groundwork that enables future scaling and growth efficiency. The technology will be a digital cloud platform that standardizes the multicountry payroll process and automates any repeatable payroll data flows. It is important to standardize processes across the entire global footprint and not simply focus on a few countries. Payroll operations work best when managed in the same way at a global level, the ideal is to operate with a global framework that can also accommodate local country payroll nuances.

You can create a process map of existing workflows, show how things currently work and then work with the technology partner. Document the various process differences that exist in your payroll countries and account for the local regulation requirements. Then you can begin mapping pay elements like salary, tax, deductions etc. in a standardized way. Your goal should be to define an approach that can work on a global level, but also be flexible enough to adapt to the specific pay element needs in an individual country. Next, consider integrations so that crucial data flows from HCM and finance to payroll also become standardized. A global first data approach with the end result being HR, Finance and global payroll working as a unified process. Your technology partner can help draw up a road map to get you there.

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