Global payroll in a post-pandemic world

4. How to manage the change

There are a number of important questions that global payroll management teams need to be considering today in order to be in the strongest position to deliver and manage global payroll in a post pandemic world- here are a few of them:

What is our new work culture going to look like?

Do we have a policy in place for remote working?

Is our current global payroll model and process still capable of meeting our needs in this new normal for payroll?

How do we want to manage our multiple local payroll providers?

Do we have standardized global payroll data and processes across our countries?

If our current process is manual heavy, how long can it be sustained?

How are we planning on meeting changing post-covid regulation and compliance requirements?

Is our current level of payroll reporting meeting all the requests for reporting and bigger picture insights from stakeholders within the organization?

Do we have sufficient integrations with HR and Finance for the necessary data sharing and generation of reports?

Do we have a global framework that also accommodates local country nuance?

| Global payroll in a post-pandemic world

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