Global payroll in a post-pandemic world

Cost management: Global payroll managers may feel the pinch of cost cutting in their department as a result of the pandemic. They will need to leverage strong digital technology for global payroll process scalability to support growth and enable cost savings. Global frameworks: Expect to see more interest in processes and frameworks that enable global frameworks to be applied, followed, and monitored. This will help with payroll, compliance, data security, governance and controls. Crucially, these global frameworks will also need to accommodate local country nuance and diverse pay elements & deductions. Post-pandemic complexity has created a stronger need for a global framework and a single way of working across multiple payroll countries.

“With Payslip global reporting you can straight away look at any country and you see the data in the exact same format and the same layout. It's just much easier for everyone to review and analyze at that stage.”

David Nugent Senior Manager, International Payroll

More and better reporting: Covid19 highlighted the lack of reporting & bigger picture insights, and the pandemic has seen a sharp rise in demand for more detailed and consolidated multi country reporting. There is an urgent need for real-time access to consolidated payroll data that enables country cost comparisons. Data driven global payroll reporting & actionable insight is needed for strategy and informed decision making.

| Global payroll in a post-pandemic world

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