Global payroll in a post-pandemic world

2. The pandemic has changed everything

“Modern payroll platforms are now providing practitioners with a single, globally consolidated, real-time view of payroll processing, providing deep transparency, insights, and control over their payroll operations globally.”

Pete Tiliakos, Futureproofing Payroll Services, Part 3: Managed Payroll Services Market Outlook

The pandemic is different from natural disasters or financial market crashes of the past- with those, the consequences may have been severe but there was never a question that things would get back to normal.

This time it is different –‘normal‘ is subject to question and is currently being defined, but the full picture has not yet emerged. Remote delivery has now been accepted as the way things are and it has also crucially, being validated as viable and sustainable. International employees are now displaying an appetite for change, and many believe the fallout from the pandemic will result in a permanently changed landscape. Specifically, this refers to working locations and company culture. The current narrative points to a hybrid working culture - a mix of working remotely or from home combined with scheduled office location work in new office spaces designed for collaboration, creativity and optimized communication.

| Global payroll in a post-pandemic world

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