Global payroll in a post-pandemic world

1. Introduction

Nobody saw the global pandemic of 2020 coming and no set of business continuity procedure notes were tailored towards managing a devastating global disaster that spread around the world at lightning speed. In 2022, now that the shock has subsided and been replaced with COVID-19 fatigue, thoughts turn to the long-term impact the virus has had on global business. It will still be some time before the full ramifications of the pandemic are clear, but what is rapidly being accepted across the business landscape this year is the conviction that office life and business-critical processes such as global payroll delivery are highly unlikely to simply return to the way things were. This is hugely significant because there is still no official road map detailing how organizations and the business-critical services within them, can bounce back from a global pandemic. There is no set of best practices to follow nor is there time to adopt a wait and see approach- multinational companies must take action now and be proactive.

How to reorganize key departments and business processes as we emerge from a global pandemic is a unique challenge and one that has not been faced before. It is a blank canvas for many organizations, who can choose which direction they want to take. The decisions they make in 2022 are likely to shape new business processes for the remainder of the decade, so it is crucial that they get it right. Moving too fast can be risky while static inaction is simply not an option. In this paper, we will examine the implications of the current new normal in a post pandemic world against the backdrop of global payroll delivery and management. We will attempt to paint a picture of this new normal and examine what steps multinational companies need to take in order to operate in a changed business world.

| Global payroll in a post-pandemic world

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