Global payroll in a post-pandemic world

Payslip is officially ISO 27001:2013 certified and adheres to the highest data privacy and information security standards. It is designed to connect employer data with both related internal systems and any external payroll provider applications, in the most secure way possible. The platform features a Global Reporter tool, which provides multinational employers with essential and comprehensive global payroll reporting at the touch of a button. Multiple stakeholders across payroll, HR and Finance can pull their own reports for bigger picture insights and informed decision making.

“Covid has turbocharged international hiring and country expansion-high growth tech native companies and large enterprises need smart working technology to standardize how they manage their global payrolls and arrange fast implementation for new countries. Payslip is helping companies to centrally manage and maintain full control of all global payroll operations, which is especially important when you have a high growth geo distributed workforce”

Fidelma McGuirk, CEO & Founder

| Global payroll in a post-pandemic world

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