Global payroll in a post-pandemic world

The compliance challenge is likely to grow, and global employers should really be taking steps in 2022 to prepare themselves for the future. New legislation will come into force soon as governments and local authorities look to apply some governance and structure around new labor laws arising from the remote & hybrid work culture.

Companies want to scale into new markets and territories- this means more employees and payroll vendors in their network. Employers also need to factor in the future compliance challenge around workforce management- global employees will be a mix of remote and office-based workers, some of whom will deliver their core duties from outside their employer’s country of residence. Managing payroll compliance while helping an organization scale and seize new opportunities is likely to be a major challenge at many organizations. The time to address it is now and the approach should focus on a technology-based solution, ideally one with transparent digital audit trails and global compliance calendars.

| Global payroll in a post-pandemic world

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