Global payroll in a post-pandemic world

Integrate your systems: Most companies have a payroll system, a HCM system and a selection of local country providers who use their own system. It is hard to develop a cohesive process without integrating these three. Consider a digital payroll platform that will integrate them and ensure a seamless two-way flow of essential payroll data. Operate in the cloud: Simply put, attempting to manage and control sensitive global payroll data in a non-secure cloud environment is not sustainable- you are leaving yourself open to a damaging data breach. Information security, data protection and global compliance requirements all point to a cloud environment where advanced security measures can be implemented and monitored. Manage your providers: No services aggregator model will cover every country you are in or want to be in- and local expertise will always be required. You will always have a list of vendors that need to be managed. The best way to do this is via a global payroll control platform. If your plan is to scale and grow, your network of providers is only going to increase, so now is the time to act. Consider your employees: Employee empowerment and the overall employee experience is now a huge factor in talent acquisition and employee retention. Give them access to their payroll and financial data via a self-service employee portal. Ensure the employee experience is unified and cohesive across all of your countries. Boost your reporting capabilities: Requests for payroll reporting, especially multi-country cost comparisons are only going to rise. Ensure you have the digital tools in place to generate a range of different reports, ideally in a self-serve capacity. Go digital: This is really about digitizing processes so that global payroll managers can operate with visibility and control. Centralized dashboards, smart tools and digital audit trails help with operational control and execution excellence in day-to-day payroll delivery. Build scalable processes: Use innovative technology to ensure that digital processes can be duplicated, and new payroll countries can be onboarded quickly and efficiently as the organization scales. This makes you growth efficient and ready to scale with speed.

| Global payroll in a post-pandemic world

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